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“My first encounter with the BPO business I was very apprehensive since I was new to the real estate world and anything associated with it. However, once a fellow associate introduced me to this program, it truly eased my doubts of broadening my real estate career. Not only is the information very helpful, but how its presented is very practical and straightforward. Being a wife and a mother of 2 very young children, my schedule is hectic and very spontaneous so it can be very difficult to find time to work. Nonetheless, within a short period of time, I was able to generate a satisfactory amount of income with little effort.” – A. Billings, REA


“This program was very useful and easy to follow, where I was able to understand and apply the information to start my BPO business. On a trial basis with only ONE company within a 45 day span I exceeded my expectations earning close to $1000. I’m now looking forward to expanding my BPO career. Thanks to this program I was able to launch my first BPO experience based on the fact it was simple, clear, straight to point and it even has occasional humor to keep my attention.”¬†– A. Owens REA