BPO & REO Course Combo (Semi-annually save $10/month)

$299.99 every 6 months

Pay for your course semi-annually and save! That’s only $49.99 per month.

List of REO and BPO companies

BPO Course Topics

  1. Settings Goals and Completing BPO Applications
  2. Writing Your Resume
  3. Staying Safe – Exterior and Interior Inspections
  4. Reviewing Engagement Letters
  5. Completing a BPO
  6. How to Handle Adjustments
  7. Saving Money and Increasing profit
  8. How to Build Your BPO Team
  9. Bonus: The Calc Sheet

REO Course Topics

  1. Setting Goals and Completing REO Applications
  2. Writing Your Resume
  3. Initial Services and Occupancy Checks
  4. Handling Offers All the Way to Closing
  5. Handling Expenses
  6. Saving Money and Increasing Profit
  7. How to Build your REO Team


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