Once I’ve purchased real estate classes, how do I get started?


What is the best browser to use in the site?


How do I signup for one of the BPO or REO real estate courses?


How do I watch, pause, fast forward and rewind the videos?


When watching the videos, how do I switch the screen to a full screen size and how do I return to the smaller screen?


If I am inside of the BPO real estate program and I have purchased the combo program, how do I switch over to viewing REO online classes and vice versa?


How do I cancel my membership?

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How do I download the BPO real estate company list and the REO company list? How do I download the resume?

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How do I get to and use the Forum, which would include: Starting a new topic, subscribing to a particular topic, replying, and commenting on REO and BPO topics?

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